Meet the Women Behind NICU Nook

Amanda (left) and Stephanie (right) met in high school and have been best friends ever since. They started NICU Nook to help NICU parents overcome the emotional, physical and mental challenges of having a baby in the NICU. Amanda and Stephanie hope to empower NICU parents to provide their own form of medicine for their babies!

Amanda brings 9 years of experience as a NICU nurse and is a current pediatric nurse practitioner (CPNP). She has worked with NICU parents at bedside, so she truly gets how chaotic it can feel as a newcomer to the NICU environment.

Stephanie brings years of experience as a licensed clinical psychologist (PsyD) specializing in perinatal mental health. She helped develop a powerful group therapy at Stanford Lucile Packard Children's Hospital for parents experiencing anxiety, depression, or posttraumatic stress following a preterm delivery.1,2,3

Amanda and Stephanie have combined their real-life experiences to make NICU Nook your go-to resource for managing the ups and downs of the NICU while forming a lasting bond with your baby.

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Diving into a new course head first with two complete strangers can feel nerve-wracking, scary, and maybe even strange? We get it! You wanna test the waters before you take the plunge. You wanna see whether you vibe with us first. Well, we want that for you too. So, click play to get a sense of who we are and why we created NICU Nook for parents like you -->